COME TO MY PLACE: EXPERIMENTADESIGN LOOK FROM OUTSIDE: Photo by Edo Kuipers OOPS!: it’s common that a carpet decorates the wall and it always tells a story. baskets: call out the market guy and he fills in your basket. call out your ma, she puts in what you need from home. fixed cahir: when the weather’s good, take out the chair and sit by the door. chat with the neighbours or keep knitting. mirror frames: the passport photos collected from friends and family, are
placed in the wallet or simply squeezed in somewhere.
red valve: a valve that appears in unexpected spots, is mostly given a task. reserved: a scene from ‘the guest room’, couch is under covers and reserved for the guests. ýnto neýghbours: place a glass on the wall, lean your ear on, hear what the neighbours say. we are very into our neighbours! undeco: gourd lamps mostly seen on the side of the motorway. very
decorated, very colorful, very handmade...
hidden: hidden tiles under the parquet, and surprises when a house is renovated. LOOK FROM INSIDE: photo by Edo Kuipers SPACE AND PLACE AND HOUSEWARMING
SHORT STORIES FROM A TURKISH HOUSE, COME TO MY PLACE EXHIBITION, WESTERHUIS GALLERY, AMSTERDAM 19.09-02.11 2008: Design Biennal curated by Experimenta in collaboration with Droog Design in Amsterdam. Eight designers and design teams from different countries asked to solve this paradox: to create a place out of an anonymous “cell” space, make it into a home, using both design pieces and objects picked from local building supplies’ warehouses and hardware stores. Come to my Place is a laboratory experiment reflecting on how we make a space our own through design, confronting and combining the global design culture and the vernacular of local production. 'Short stories from a Turkish house' concentrates on the cultural behaviours, tastes and solutions, which only us local would know and carry on.

Curated by Experimenta / Participants Folkform [SE], Maxim Velcovsky (Qubus studio) [CZ], Meriç Kara [TR], Miguel Vieira Baptista [PT], Design MVW [CN], OVO [BR], POLKA [AT], Tobias Wong & Aric Chen [US] / Exhibition Concept and Design EventArchitectuur [NL] / Communication Design Hansje van Halem [NL] / Production Loranne Roozendaal, ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam