'Kit Nomade': Me behind red, Marie Valorge's exhibition project,in Milan 2002. Henna: Chocolate henna by flatmate Johanna Nock, it was tickling very much, Fabrica 2004. Namiko said I look like the renaissance ladies and took this photo, Fabrica 2003. Green apple falls by Kartal Arat, 2007. Sinmuc's illustration of me, Ankara 2004. One of David Neustein drawings,I'm the she, Fabrica 2004. Angela Lidderdale and Nienke Klunder's telenovella for the Colors magazine's website, me as the sneaky maid Angelita. You can see the whole story on website of colors 59, Fabrica 2003. Isotta Dardilli's illustration for the Mogu Exhibition, Milan 2005. Me and Giorgio by Stefan Rauter, Fabrica 2004. Close up Me in a place that I've never been to, by Yianni, 2005. Andy Rementer's work for Fab magazine, Fabrica 2005. Another me by Andy Rementer,2005. Me on the yo-yo, Michl's present for my birthday, 2004. Me and Camil Dumitrescu, by Paulita, trial party 2005. One of the faces by patrick + benjamin + kajsa + maki = ÅBÄKE, the lovely people. www.kitsune.fr Surprise poster, curated by Nicole, from the fabricanti that I miss so much. The polpettas by Sergi Sanchez Me and Nicole from Nicole's friends project for Fab magazine, Justyna's fast water colors during our boat trip, me sleeping, september 2006 Simg's growing animation from our amsterdam time, pasqua 2005. my stamp business card by Mehmet Ulusahin.
Pictures are me by friends. And friend links:

graphic design- illustrations: Andy Rementer, Erkut Terliksiz, Francois, Johanna, Nicole Kenney, Pier, Paula, Andy Sinboy, Tershane, Mehmet Ulusahin, Fred

design: Alejandro Mingarro, Hande, Erdem Akan, Pedro and Rita

video: Bengu, Ali Demirel, Murat Gonullu

photography: Camil Dumitrescu, Nienke Klunder, Namiko, Ali Y.

interaction- computer graphics: Alper, Mark, Angela Lidderdale, Joel, Jon Harris, Dave, Juan, Simge

animation- 3d: Kartal

music: Daniele, Curet, Kitsune, Cansu, Dublor