TRUCE: Double function t-shirt. When in need, find a stick and attach it with the strings SUGAR CUBES: Take sugar as much as one sugar cube. SAFE VASE MIRROR PIX ME FIRST: Be the first one to wear it. 5% OFF
B-SIDES: 'This is a project which questions the nature of everyday objects and how we interact with them. Small additions and subtractions convert simple objects into communicative tools. Transformed, these items also make a subtle statement about consumer culture. 'b-sides' comprises an ongoing series of modified objects (to date there are more than thirty), including vases with clamps, plug-in torches and wine bottles with integrated glasses. While most of these objects are conceptual explorations, some of the modified objects - buttons which speak, surprise matches and 'reduced' t-shirts - are intended for production. More than an exercise in design, 'b-sides' is as a proposal for how we might look differently at the unextraordinary bits and pieces we find around us.' _ text by David Neustein
A personal project for Fabrica, due to be published with Andy Sinboy's short dialogues in the next book 'Fabrica Files'. Initial photos by Zak Swenson.