ADD IT UP: a homie 5 star tent, which has separate rooms. LIVING ROOM: proposals for Fabrica, developed with Keren Rosen and Valentina Carretta Window of the tent or a picture frame hanging on the 'wall'. Ideas for kitchen How would be the toilet? Exhibition photos of 'APW' developed by the Fabrica Design Department,in Cibic Studio Milan, 2005 OUTSIDE INSIDE
A PERFECT WEEKEND: The camping concept development. I created a tent which you could add up rooms, and the tent becomes a more comfortable place. By adding simple things from a 'home' and adapting them to the tent, created a living space more than a place just for sleeping.Later on the project was developed in Fabrica Design Department as a research project and has been exhibited in Milan Furniture Fair, Miarte Milan, and in New York during ICFF. And later on also has been presented in Istanbul Design week which I have designed the exhibition space with Tommaso Cora.