STEP ON GRASS Fabrica grass which you're not supposed to step on CANDALISM: Workshop project with Alejandro Mingarro. MAKING OF: You need candle and water. SOME CANDALISTS THE WATER EFFECT Grass discussions Nicole and Sarah's pillow project. The brain storm of the group. El Ultimo Grito, Ale, me and Andy Sinboy.
STEP ON GRASS: El Ultimo Grito asked us to find out what we would like to change in Fabrica. We had wonderful discussions and I was very effected by these undisciplined designers, it was fun, it was great. Ale and me, we teamed up and came up with a vandalist idea, which we thought found a hole in the Fabrica Rules book. We used candels to do our graffiti's which could be visible when the walls get wet. 'El Ultimo Grito was founded in 1997, presenting their work for the first time at 100%Design in London where they won The Blueprint Design Award for their Miss Ramirez Chair. In 1998 the studio started manufacturing their own products building up the Minimal Maximum collection, which also summed up the groupís design philosophy. In 2000, Francisco Santos leaves the group, after almost three years of intense collaboration, to pursue other ambitions. Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo keep the studio running. That same year they decide to stop manufacturing and start licensing their existing products, to concentrate more in the design and experimental work. Increasingly El Ultimo Grito defines itself as a way of thinking that can materialize in many different forms. It seems only natural that their work ranges from interior, clothing and exhibition design to furniture and products, for a very different mixture of national and international clients among which Magis, Marks & Spencer, Bloomberg, Mathmos, Selfridges, Victoria & Albert Museum, Lavazza, Wireworks, Style.'