THE PREPERATION: The products before they get in the vending machine ALL VACUUM FORMED THE CD: Comes with the pop corn.. READY: To place them in the machine. READY: To be taken out. ANTENNA: In the presentation on friday.
THE FUN FRIDAY VENDING MACHINE: Workshop participants were asked to intervene and change the use of a public space, through the creation of a system - analog or digital. 'After considering the brief, we discussed how to positively affect and enhance social interaction through gifts, objects and entertaining items in the context of Fabrica.Our group excercises and discussions centered around the idea of 're-programming' the vending machine by inserting something new (and free). We accomplished our goal entirely analog. We bought and made objects, shrink-wrapped and then spray painted them gold to give the objects a humorous and markedly different character. Our hope was to provide social potential through these offerings to those who inhabit Fabrica's space... (a picnic, a movie and popcorn, gardening etc). These surprises provide a 'feel good' affect, which indirectly influences Fabrica's atmosphere. Valentina Carretta, Bethany Koby, Meric Kara, Keren Rosen, Selwa Sweidan' _text by Selwa